New side weapon, the Net

  • Hello,
    was thinking about a new offensive/defensive weapon,
    what do you guys think of a Net?
    I know itscomplicated to animate since if has cloth physics, and those things are quite hard to get right with the lag and stuff, but what about a solid net that has two functions,

    you wear the net like a shield (left hand).

    1 you can drop the net on the floor and trail it, if a player is on the net and you press Parry, it interrupts the attacks of all the players that are on the net (maybe drop them on the floor…).

    2 you can swing the net and it can interrupt the player ? maybe this is too OP, or you can just use it like a whip, just put some iron balls on the tips of the net, so it can be used like the flail.

    you can also parry with the net.


  • Need to wait for a gladiator mod, unlikely they will add any new class of weapons.

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