[VANG] Playing with Clay (Claymore/Light Saber Tips/Tactics)

  • Good day my lords. After finishing my Jedi Training my master gave me my own personnel light-saber. (Claymore)

    After having much too much fun I decided to piece together a Tactics/Tutorial on the Claymore!

    This weapon is extremely fun… you must use its speed to tackle the many challenges seen in Chivalry, but must not rely on its speed alone to win you all your fights!


  • Good on ya Yarnu, I see ya around on the Aussie servers sometimes, See-ya around.

  • That intro had me pissing myself laughing! :D

    Great video. The force is strong with the Claymore! 8-)

  • Good video, subscribed.

  • Cheers fellas, glad you liked the video! The Claymore is damn good fun. It’s odd though, once you use the claymore then swap back to a greatsword/zweihander. Only then do you realise just how freaking fast the Claymore is…. :x

  • Vanguard’s for chumps Yarnu, play a real class :P

    I haven’t watched the video yet because I’m at work but there will be hell to pay if I’m in this getting killed. :D

  • The Claymore is easily one of the most useful weapons in FFA. Few other weapons come close to the DPS of the Claymore AND also keeping survivability high.
    The speed and reach is more powerful than the pre-patch Sword of War was.

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