Controller Settings share your config!

  • Hello guys,
    I’d like to share my xbox 360 controller config for chivalry (but feel free to post you ps3 controller or whatever here!).
    My config works really great and you only have minimal mouse use for menu navigation

    I use an xbox 360, I’ve multiplied the default horizontal and vertical sensitivity x4, and set the FOV to 120°

    i’m lvl 41 been playing chivalry alot, and I can easily handle mouse users, its the first game where you can handle mouse+keyboard users with a controller and i’m really loving this!
    As soon as i get used to a sensitivity I multiply it by 1.2 and get used to it. this really works well!

    the only downside : You cannot play archers, you can’t beat the mouse. but if you are like me and love to get into melee you’ll enjoy this, also one more thing, you cannot use the hammer combo where you give your back to the ennemy and look up to increse the windup collision. it’s a kind of hack I think,dunno if the devs will keep it like that….
    all this is done using the regular config menu, all you have to do is go to the keybinding screen, douclick an action, and just press the xbox 360 button.

    A : jump
    B : feint + dodge
    X : Use + reload
    Y : next weapon

    RS: kick
    LS: move + sprint (activate to run sprint in menu)

    DPad :
    UP : stand up, microphone
    Right : change perspective
    Down : crouch
    Left : change class Menu

    Back : scoreboard
    start : menu

    RT: primary attack (swing)
    RB : secondary attack (vertical attack)
    LB: third attack(stab)
    LT: parry

  • Some of the keys won’t bid when I try to map them. What’s the trick to make them stick. Also, aren’t you missing some of the special moves/attacks in this layout? Just curious…

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