Awesome Patch (sarcasm)

  • Thorn Banner… you guys did it again… its becoming like the microsoft windows version… 1 bad 1 good 1 bad 1 good… only times time you guys did such a piss poor job the only reason why there are still people playing is due to the sales… 80% of the veterans hardly put any time into this game anymore… You guys somehow managed to score high points on making this game absolutely dull, boring and silly. Adding things that was not a problem in the beginning is beyond my understanding, The flinched when attacked duration… might as well just be instant death, cos when that happens you are 99% of the time dead… buffing archers, wow great idea thorn banner, might as well rename the crossbow a rail gun, MAA should all switch to archers in melee cos archers are more deadly now, awesome… and please explain the reason for increasing the speed of the bearded axe to like a 1000? anyone? There is so many things wrong with this game it cant be covered here… jeysus… this game officially suck now… It once was an awesome game, WAS, now its a piece of turd not worth caring about… sure there were things to be fixed before this patch, THEN FIX IT, dont change everything!? This patch reminds me of the reveal of Xbox 1 pure ignorance and stupidity… oh good job fixing the feinting, for real.

    ps: I dont really care if you dont agree with me, Im typing this out of anger… so whatever.

  • You can feel the alcohol through forums now!
    I thought this patch was gonna suck but in the end the fun of TO did not really change for me: It’s maul all the way!!:)

  • @numbTriggerFinger:

    Thorn Banner…

    Better than Tom Banner!

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