[POLL] What's your favorite class since patch?

  • Has your favorite class changed with all the new changes? What do you enjoy playing the most now?

  • I think the sale and resulting influx of new players might skew this a little. Whenever there’s been a lot of new players come into the game the only class I play for a while is maa, and I have to play it on the flanks because I can’t STAND all the team damage I get playing knight or vanguard.

    1 vs 1 though, I’m still rocking the knight with the longsword.

  • Man at Arms hands down, I can survive being outnumbered better than the other classes and handle 1v1s much easier

  • I want to vote archer, but people will assume its for the crossbow. So I will just say its javelineer and leave it at that.

  • Javelin archer has stolen my heart once again.

    EDIT: “missclicked” man at arms. My mouse hand apparently thinks the time we have spent recently side-dodging and smacking people with the morning star is far more indicative of true love.

  • Pre-Patch:
    Melee Archer and MAA

    Melee Archer and MAA

  • I really liked archer javelins pre and post-patch but my favorite has always been vanguard.

  • Javelins forever and always <3

  • Most i enjoy impaling people with my javelins :)

  • I feel somewhat diminished, but my favorite class remains as MAA/Norse sword w/ either oil pots or the heater shield…

    Followed closely by Vanguard/Spear or brandy, or if I need more versatility, the halberd.

    Knight has to be my least favorite, hands down though…I’m not good at it, and I don’t enjoy playing it…I deduce that the former is caused by the latter, however, and not an issue with the class itself.

  • I’m a terrible MaA, archer and Vanguard and my beloved maul got buffed sooo… knight hands down.

  • I still a neutral chaotic knight because I love the longsword and it remind me goods movies, knight is my favourit class but it is my worst class hahaha.
    But i think i will change to vanguard because he is less slow, better rang than the knight. MaA still attractive. I have easy win with the both class but I still play knight an archer without zoom and HUD 'cause i am a HC gamer (Aight, street’n’all).

  • It looks like people are starting to realize just how much of a buff MaAs got this patch with their speed and combo feint parry removal.

  • It looks like people are starting to realize just how much of a buff MaAs got this patch with their speed and combo feint parry removal.

    The speed buff is ridiculous lol, in the end he didnt start his sprint faster, still 280 something like previous version and the other movement are like 7/8 point more, this doesn’t change anything.

    For the fast parry stuff, yh this should give a power up to average maa, but not really for good maa, i saw more people blocking my attack than before the patch because of the ridiculous parry in recovery, it’s funny because a lot of level 10/20 block my attack after they miss like it’s nothing and the timing is perfect, even with fast parry this was rarely blockable, now it’s easy block if you strike really fast, so in the end for me, i was probably a little bit stronger in the previous version because of the no restriction and better side dodge.

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