"Hunt" mode.

  • A mode in which, perhaps a group of players hunts another.

    Say, a large, dense forest. Could be “Bandit mode”, mayhap.

    One team has Bandit skins, or the Army skins, but torn up, deserters, even. “Desertion” mode, perhaps.

    It’s no respawn, and you have to track em through the dense forest. It could be even teams, though I’d like to see 4-5 bandits and 7-10 Soldiers. So that the few skilled bandits can over-come the difference in numbers.

    Needs to be refined more, of course, but be really fun.

  • Hunting as in one group runs away while the other chases them? And what would be the goal for the runners? And why would they run instead of just lurking behind a tree and kill their pursuers?

  • sounds like a good idea for me but hte bandits should have limited dmging weapons-low armoury but deal like archers 50 percent more dmg from behind.

    the goal would be that the bandits run off to and survive for long enough to “dissapear” in the woods or dispatching all searching guardsmen

    yea sounds like a great idea to me doesnt even have to contain much diffrences in skins for me ( would be cool tho) masons= deserters / bandits ags= soldiers / guardsmen

  • There would be an objective area for the Bandits to reach, the edge of the woods, therefore escaping. There would be various little huts in the woods though, for setting up ambushes, or hiding out.

    And as I said, they can hide behind a tree, but they’ll be out-geared, and out-manned, and have to play smart.

  • This sounds fun! But only if camping is naturally forbidden.

    So the hunters spawn at the escape point from the deserters or something. I always wanted to be a manhunter.

  • No, not at the escape point. Then they’d just wait.

    Ok, here is what I’m saying. The map is large.

    The bandits start half-way through. or so.

    But they’re not as well fed, so less Stamina, lower HP, and crappy equipment. But they also have the element of surprise. They could hide and whatnot…

    A timer as well, say 45 minutes or 30 minutes to make rounds not drag on to long.

    When I say large maps, I mean the largest the Engine can do.

  • well lets not overdo it xD what about just a large map i mean 20 players on like the largest map this engine can handle, just think of an map as big as one of those in far cry 2
    u could run minutes just in one direction for like 20 players thats really toooooo big.

    but i agree all ideas are really really nice and it needs bigger and wider maps with more place for something like that

  • I like the idea but I think damage, HP, and stamina modifiers will make creating the game mode too complex.

    IMO: like a 6v10 would suffice, where the 10 soldiers spawn in a large circle around the deserters (maybe in search parties of 2). Two or three of those search parties–approximately 4 to 6 men–have spawn zones where they can move to a “skirmish” position to block the deserters from the objective area and have to buy time for the rest of their larger team of soldiers to catch up. This “skirmish” position could be a large trench creating a divide through the map, but the trench would be so long that the 4-6 soldiers are stretched thinly to spot along it. This initial fight is somewhat even and is perhaps even in the Deserters’ favor. If they cut the soldiers down quickly or bypass them, they will have a head start against the rest of the soldiers’ team (or the entire team if they elected to bypass and do so successfully). This way they earned their head start and were not just given it upon spawning. I think this goes along with the skill based gameplay that the Devs want for Chivalry.

    It also makes the deserters have a bit of the Airborn appeal… they’re surrounded and outnumbered. Keep moving, stick together, and exploit gaps in the line or fend off the enemy (preferably just a few at a time). Like Rambo except a little more realistic and no traps, the deserters themselves will be the traps.

    Perhaps the most tantalizing aspect of this game mode, which I’m guessing isn’t highlighted much in the other game modes, is the element of stealth. But consequently there has to be quite a bit of brush in the woods for players to hide in, in order for this game mode to play to and accentuate that difference. Might even want to make the map occur at dusk or night where visibility is reduced.

    As a side note, I do not know how far the clangings of weapons carry in this game. If it isn’t far and the map size is big, it might be relevant to give the soldiers a warhorn to signal the other soldiers when a search party finds the deserters.

  • Backstory is they have been raiding travelers so the guards are sent it to clear the forest of bandits.

    First, clear the forest of bandits. If the bandits win then it moves to a map where the bandits raid a small outpost and guards defend.

    If the guards win it moves to a raid on the bandit’s small wooden fort in the forest.

    Could also be barbarians on the edge of the Kingdom rather than bandits.

  • nice idea but we were talking bout hunting them down and them just trying to survive. but why not like that:

    first objective: defend/attack the village (burning ransacking)

    if the guardsmen won they move out to clear a small fortification (not really more than just some boards and small palisade like fences)

    if the bandits won they take their loot (wich is not really the objective this time)
    and need to get to a special spot on the map to be out of range for the guards( like they would just hide in the forest or something waiting all that to settle)

    on this way we still got this nice hunt mode were hte players still have the chance of that hide n seek game

  • So it would work like this

    “The Mason order have failed the invasion and the leader has order them to retreat, however. Agerta Knight show no mercy and decide to kill them to the root.”

    So it will be like Objective based mode.

    Start in Point A and escape team need to make their way to point E, but Point b and Point C is blocker and they need to find something to unlock it. Example, Point B is big rock in the path and they need to find explosive barrel or battle ram in the area to get it out of the way.

    Then Point C is another blocker, example a broken Bridge and require the replacement wood to get pass it safety.

    And point E is a ship, Once enough number of Mason Order soldier get on the ship. They win.

    Escape team have limited respawn and chasing team have infinite respawn.

  • Zero respawns or the whole idea becomes unfun.

  • @Mkilbride:

    Zero respawns or the whole idea becomes unfun.

    ^ So what? You want them just wait and kills all the chaser while escaper is suppose to escape?

    I would rather have Chaser have respawn and escaper doesn’t have any to encourage their escape

  • My idea for a hunt mode would be this;
    An assassin from a foreign land has been sent to kill the head of the Mason Order by the Agathian Knights. The Masons have caught wind of this and hunted him down into the depths of a forest, sending several of their best men to hunt him down. An expert in the arts of fighting and stealth, the assassin can move through the canopy and rain terror on those below - namely caltrops and boiling oil jars - and utlising bows/crossbows and a one-handed sword for close combat.
    The mercenaries also have several options, such as cutting or burning down the trees the assassin is hiding in or shooting him out of them (the assassin is not heavily armoured.) However, cutting down a tree not only limits your weapon options to axes, it takes several seconds in which the assassin could spring to another tree. In the same way that cutting down the trees isn’t always a sure-fire way, the Masons have a very limited amount of torches/fire arrows to use.
    The game is 5-7 (not sure yet) v1 and there are no respawns.

    Just an idea :)

  • How about "Trouble in Terrorist Town’ style gameplay, one guy as Spy/Traitor? :D

  • TTT is awesome, but I don’t think it would work to well with this game honestly.

  • I’d have to agree with Mkilbride in this instance.

  • cool would be also that the bandits could have the double weilding of lightxbow and onehanded weapon.

    thats not even unrealistic because it has been a martial art (like german longswords or something like parkour).

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