We need to remake new tutorial

  • I am lazy

    I will begin by that.

    I am lazy as hell as a lot of peopley language so I prefert watch vid about things’n’tricks.

    Now the patch make a storm on the forum, I don’t understand the changing, the reals ones, the new match-up in duels, moves.

    I see a lot of people who speak about the patch and complain about everything, how say that… to much words, yeah, it is ridiculous to say that but I am serious.

    I prefert vid (with a good beer or some w**d)

    Soooo, that is my request, that would be cool if peoples/community make new videos about that, the new gameplay and avanced tutorial and post them on the tutorial’n’tactics board.

    Thank you.

  • YarnuTheDog makes some good videos on the new patch.

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