[MAA] Teach me how to Dougie (in pubs)

  • Hi, I main Man at Arms and I’ve found I’ve done fairly well in pubs with him for a while now, even throughout the ups and downs of his buff/nerf roller coaster ride. So this is basically all my own opinion and my own play style so maybe one day I’ll take this seriously and edit this into something that has images or some shit I don’t know. Who knows, maybe I’ll add some solid evidence if we’re lucky.

    Firstly the hard part:

    Pick MaA

    Pick out the morning star or the broadsword, depending on enemy team composition and/or personal taste. Don’t pick any of the axes, they’ve been nerfed now and Dane Axe is much too old hat nowadays. Hatchet is making a comeback in the style department but if you want to leave people fuming and pulling their hair out whenever they try to mess with you then go with the flanged mace and bop their noggins in real style and when they complain just tell them that they should get better because they are losing to a flanged mace MaA which is basically a cannon with the range of kissing distance.

    Dodge when safe to do so. Have a good sensitivity mouse because you’ll be stabbing/overhead a shit load so you’ll need to bob and weave and prick people with the broadsword or donk people with the morning star.

    Dodge + attacking is harder to do and with the new patch people are still expecting the lunge dodge stab from MaA’s and they haven’t adjusted to the new MaA not being able to do those fast initiations with the dodge+forward attack.

    What you do now is use sprint in short bursts, much like you would do before and use your new speed boost (thanks TB :? ) to abuse the range on your weapons. Be wary though, people seeing you suddenly sprint forward can prompt the enemy to throw a pre-emptive attack your way. Counter this by simply using superior speed and foresight to backstep out of the attack and then throwing an attack their way while they are in recovery or even the windup of their next attack (always aim to flinch - more on this later), or simply parry and use the continued momentum to hit them with a riposte.

    Always try to flinch people and never try to hit trade with anyone. It’s common knowledge that MaA’s are made out of wet paper bags so adopting an appropriate play style. I like to think of myself as a really fucking annoying wasp. I try to go in and out of combat stinging anyone who is within distance and whoever tries to swat me either gets left behind eating my dust (where you can then quickly come back into the fight thanks to dodge and superior speed) or they flinch stabbed or riposted.

    Help others, try not to let others help you.

    This might sound dickish, but always try to keep an eye on the state of enemies health (by how much tomato juice has been thrown on them). MaA can be fucking anywhere he wants to be in little to no time, so taking a few seconds to dart into your team mates fight and prick that annoying Knight in the back of the head with your sword will net you more points and more importantly, help your team mate who will hopefully be thankful for your help and less likely to team kill you.

    I say this because if you decide to help someone else in a pickle, then you can always watch the fight for those few crucial moments on the outside before moving in quickly to aid them. The point is that you are mostly in control. You decide when to go in and how you will evade your opponents defence, as well as your team mates wild swings as he desperately tries to fight off that cudgel wielding archer.

    If it is you who is on the receiving end of help from your ally, then you are the one who isn’t in control. You can’t control your team mate, nor can you always tell where they are when they try to swing at your opponent from directly behind you. You are now putting yourself at the mercy of not only your enemy, but also your team mate, while if it was the other way round, you have a much greater rate of survival. See Man at Arms being made out of Styrofoam

    Man at Arms aren’t built for tanking or sustained fights. An MaA, in my mind, should aim to make his fights as tiny instances of great, intense violence. You should only be in the fight for a few precious seconds, doing what you can, damaging who you can, before backing off to a safe distance on the inner edge of a fight. This place is where you can dart into the fight once more or you can back off quickly if imminent danger approaches ie: Friendly/Enemy polearms and two handed swords that will scatter you into the wind if they so much as graze you.

    There are two different styles to MaA I’ve found. Surprise surprise, it’s being “Defensive” and “Offensive”. Defensive is capitalizing on peoples mistakes and punishing them for them. Offensive is playing like a maniac and forcing opponents to make mistakes and punishing them for them. I find offensive will always triumph over defensive as it much harder for good players to make mistakes, than it is for you to force them into making a mistake through your own methods.

    Shields: Don’t use them. They slow you down, impede vision and are buggy to boot. They are simply there to catch projectiles and a babies method to blocking. Essentially: A parry which you can hold. Dodge arrows by using your speed and dodging. Mason MaA with a Buckler and Broadsword gets cosmetic points however for looking awesome together.
    Firepots: Use them. Be an arsehole, snipe low health people with touch down style throws, use them to knock archers off their aim, to make Knights angry, to clear points, DON’T THROW THEM TO AID FRIENDLIES AND DON’T THROW THEM ON BATTERING RAMS/BALLISTA WHEN YOU ARE ATTACKING.

    Throwing Knives: Who do you think you are, Houdini? Get that magic show shit outta here and use a real worthwhile weapon. Maybe if we were given 6 or 8 knives then maybe, just maybe, I would use them. Firepot offers more utility anyway.

    Food for MaA:
    • People with slow reflexes or a generally low sense of their surroundings
    • Stragglers or people limping out of the fight
    • You are the 1v1 king (except you are currently being dethroned by archers seemingly). Make every fight you encounter a miniature 1v1 with a very limited time slot and you will top the charts easy as piss. Divide and conquer, segregate and destroy.
    • Pretty much anyone who doesn’t take note of the MaA moving off slightly to the side of a fight
    • Pretty much anyone who doesn’t player equally aggressive as the MaA
    • Pretty much anyone
    Bane of my existence, please kill me now:
    • People with good reflexes and know that you are coming for them
    • Random bullshit like slashing weapons in a god damn scrum melee, from friends or otherwise
    • Friendlies. It’s as much about avoiding friendly attacks as it is about enemy attacks as you don’t have the HP to spare. You take a friendly hit from a sword, then you’re most likely to get one shot by anything larger than a toothpick
    • Slowing down – If you are utilising your speed and you take damage from any source, whether it be fall damage or even just a slight prick of damage from a dagger to the foot, then you are losing your advantage of speed and you become ripe targets for archers or anyone else close by to you because you are being dragged back to their slow speed where they can keep up with you and chase you down
    • People who rely or know how to utilise hit trading. That Knight only needs to hit you 1-2 times and he’s got his sights on you while you will need 3-4 (2 if you are good with a mace) hits
    • A slight breeze

    I will eventually add more to this when I don’t have people hounding me for HSE inductions which I did several weeks ago.

    Maybe one day you can be like this guy
    Except maybe a little less feminine.

  • Shields: Don’t use them. They slow you down

    do they really? they don’t explicitely say they do that, although the word “agile” is mentioned. they don’t seem to actually take away any speed. do they?

  • Lost it at a ‘slight breeze’. I cackled. Yeah I’m fairly sure shields slow the MaA down just a tad even when on your back. I had a footrace unencumbered against a mate with a heater. Raced across the arena and I beat him by maybe a daggers-length. Maybe it was his bad path choice, maybe shields do encumber you. I don’t know. I certainly FEEL faster without one and that’s enough to make a difference. Thanks to OP because this is exactly how a MaA should be played. Expert duellist, float like a butterfly, sting like a mentally-deranged monkey on crack. Can’t take a hit. Ever. You’re lucky if you survive one. Don’t really have anything to add. Very apt. :D

  • Just want to point out that the Morning Star is just the baby’s version of the Broadsword, for those MAAs who just want to twoshot everything on the damn field like they’re VGs.

  • @SushiJaguar:

    Just want to point out that the Morning Star is just the baby’s version of the Broadsword, for those MAAs who just want to twoshot everything on the damn field like they’re VGs.

    It’s cool that this is your opinion and all but you’re wrong. At least the morning star tracers are on correctly. The broadsword is arguably the EASIEST weapon in the game for the MaA. Strong, quick and long, not to mention the couple of invisi-inches it’s packing to surprise people. The morning star is a nice lady and not a complete whore like the broadsword is. It’s even called a ‘broad’.

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