Why do ragdolls bring down fps so much?

  • Just curious. I recently upgraded to a GTX 770 from a 560ti. I can run the game (with edits to the engine file) at 120 fps consistently (drops a bit on large maps) on the highest settings, unless I turn ragdolls up. It’ll drop to as low as 25 if I crank ragdolls up to max (after a few minutes anyways).

    What causes ragdolls to be such resource hogs? How are they different than just adding more trees or logs or rocks? Is it the physics processing? If it is, would there be a way to turn that off, so they function purely as static objects and not movable bodies? Would be nice to be able to have lots of dead bodies, it would make it feel more like a genuine battlefield.

  • As far as I know, things like Ragdoll use real-time rendering. Anything that renders in real-time with real-time physics calculations is going to be very heavy on your computer. Even after the body falls is still rendering in real time, so the more you have at once, the heavier it gets.

  • Ragdolls use physics calculations. The game does Physx on the CPU. Therefore the more ragdolls you have the more taxed you CPU gets, getting a beefier GPU won’t do squat if your CPU is holding things back.

  • Is there no way to have the gpu run the physx calculations?

  • Well what is your CPU?

  • @The:

    Is there no way to have the gpu run the physx calculations?

    Go to your Documents>My Games> Chivalry Medieval Warfare > UDKGame > Config > UDKEngine.ini

    and set “bDisablePhysXHardwareSupport=True” to False. Apparently that makes it so your GPU does the PhysX calculations, but for me personally it caused some visual anomalies that I would’ve rather been without so I keep PhysX on my CPU.

  • i5 2500k

    And thanks for that Venom, I’ll give that a shot.

  • @The:

    i5 2500k

    And thanks for that Venom, I’ll give that a shot.

    No prob. You can turn this on here to see in game if your PhysX is on your CPU or GPU, to see if the change stuck. You might have to do the same .ini change within the games own Steam folder. Probably not, but I forgot if the Documents change takes precedence over the games own Steam folder, probably.

  • Curious, even with it turned on, my fps tanks to 30 or so in a 50 player to map on citadel. Even an overclocked 770 cannot handle the physx on ragdolls? And before turning it on, frame rates dipped to 45-50.

    Chivalry is the only game where upgrading from my 560ti hasn’t shown much improvement. Every other game is double, sometimes triple the performance. How strange.

  • Radiant,

    The full story is more than just physx calculations. Every non-graphics calculation in the game is done via CPU.

    I would guess that all weapon tracer calculations are CPU based, being done client side for prediction with server side authorization (it does its own calculations and is the authority). So with more players, you have more tracers as an example.

    I know from a previous post by TB that Physix is only done on Ragdolls and Cloth (the banners), I wish I could turn of cloth simulation completely as I don’t see it as in any way necessary for this game.

    I have GPU enabled PhysX, it helped a little bit, but not much. On 1 computer (my better one), there are no artifacts. On my lesser computer, it artifacts, the cloths (banners) are drawn into infinity, making this really big blue or red lines across certain maps.

    Basically the only way to increase your Chiv FPS now is for you to Overclock your CPU or buy a better CPU for your motherboard.

    I’d really love to get my hands on the source code for chivalry and see if I can find some ways to reduce CPU usage, as for most people in the tech support having FPS issues, it comes down to their CPU holding them back.

    I’m getting a water cooler hybrid for my Phenom 955, corsair 100i, ($20 unused, bargain!!) and will overclock it from 3.2ghz (or whatever it is at) to around 3.8ghz if I can, maybe even higher. If I’m right about CPU bound chivalry FPS issues, I should see a noticeable improvement.

  • Well, the mystery of my lower than expected fps has been solved. At least as to why, fixing it, I’m not so sure. If anyone has any ideas let me know.

    Basically, my CPU is underclocking itself. I found this out after trying to OC it. Nothing crazy, on my 2500k, I just pumped it up to 3.8 ghz from 3.3. Using bios, of course. I disabled c steps and energy saving cpu options. Get into the desktop, everything seems fine, run prime95, corsair link to track temperatures (never above 46 c at full load) and guess what… I open up CPU-Z and my cpu, under load, is at 2.2 ghz. What?

    Makes no sense. All energy saving states disabled. Even speedstep. Bios correctly reports 3.8 ghz in the main page. Reverting back to auto speeds, it’s still underclocking itself. This is most bizarre, and definitely explains why I’m getting lower fps in a cpu demanding game like chivalry.

    Anyone have ideas what could be causing this?

  • Are you playing chivalry while looking at that?

  • Just tried in windowed mode to see, nothing different. In chivalry it’s running at 2.39 ghz. No wonder it’s been lagging. This makes no sense at all.

  • Yup that will do it.

    Check your power settings in Control Panel, it might be set to something like Energy saving mode. Make sure everything is in order there.
    What is the heat of your GPU?

    There may be something overheating your system and forcing BIOS to use a lower multiplier for your CPU.

    Are you using a Laptop or a Real Mans Computer?

  • Dude above 30FPS is playable.

  • Dude above 30FPS is playable.

    Not for me.

    At 45 FPS it is still choppy. I find reading animations is not smooth, since the game has many mechanisms where .2s is something to react to or not, the difference between 60fps and 30fps is huge.

  • 30 fps isn’t even playable to me. It feels like fighting through water. Hell no. I’m on a Asus Direct CU2 GTX 770, with 16 GB of ram, windows 7 64 bit, Asrock extreme 3 gen 3 z68 motherboard, with an intel i5 2500k, in a corsair graphite 600T (very good airflow) cooling the cpu with a swiftech H220 all powered by a Corsair AX860i platinum PSU. It’s a real man’s computer. 8-)

    I bought the most stable, quality components I could find, so this really doesn’t make an ounce of sense to me. Toll, what’s your steam name?

  • How the hell do you guys watch TV? Or YouTube? Most TV programs are at 30. Or even at 24. And youtube is capped at 30.

    The human eye can see at about 40 (30-50). And the brain can notice the difference massive amounts (no solid number it can be 400-4000 depending on where you look)

    Though I suppose it isn’t solid. At least when I’m at 30 FPS it stays there pretty much. Also depends on the map. Citadel i get 50 FPS while dark forest I get about 30. Having 8GB of RAM and an i5 3570k is all for shut when I still have a 5670.

    Anyway. There’s something wrong with you guys.

  • Nahh I’ve just been playing FPS type games for 25 years or so. I enjoy my 60fps, anything less and I see stutters, some games its OK other games it isn’t. Chivalry, it isn’t.

    Man going to the movies can suck I see the crappy frames most of the movie, particularly panning shots. I also don’t watch movies in 3D because it seems to make the stuttering more noticeable. Hobbit in 48fps was good though ;D

  • @lemonater47
    What you say is true, but you forgot one thing. There is a difference if you watch a movie or play a video game.
    In movies or videos all the frames are blurred together. Try pausing a video, you’ll rarely get a clear picture.
    While in video games every frame is a separate snapshot. So because of this it’s much more noticable in video games than in movies.

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