Player numbers wrong… again

  • For the last few days the server list has been showing incorrect player numbers again, with many servers showing up as empty only to find them full when joining.
    I thought this was fixed a few patches ago, but now I am beginning to question whether it was fixed at all. :/

  • I don’t think this has ever been fixed, but it does seem to have grown worse with the latest patch, with server browser erronously only showing servers as completely full or completely empty.

  • I don’t recall noticing that issue occurring between the 2 most recent patches. But since the last patch, yes the server numbers are definitely back to being frequently wrong again.

  • There is still that bug where if you click ‘View info’ and then ‘Connect’ on the information screen, it will NOT connect you to the server you viewed information for, instead, it will connect you to the server underneath the ‘Connect’ button. If you want to be sure you’re joining the right server, come out of that screen and double click on the server name in the server browser instead.

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