Numerous server browser bugs.

  • At least the servers don’t disappear this time.

    But servers show the wrong amount of players.

    Right clicking on a server and clicking on the server Info tab shows a bunch of random players that aren’t actually on that server.
    Pressing refresh in he server Info does nothing.
    Clicking connect on the server info sometimes puts you on a random server.

    Sort by ping sometimes doesn’t work.

  • The old join game function from steam is similarly not working all too reliably. Either your sound gets bugged or it gives you a no spots error, even when there are certainly spots open (though that may be related to the server count bug).

    I actually had a very funny occurrence with this. I started up Chiv, and hit join game off a good friend of mine. It took me to a duel server, where I stayed for a few rounds. I then migrated to a TO server, but was magically, without any warning, teleported back to my friend’s duel server after a minute.

  • Server browser is high priority now that we’re done with major gameplay changes.

    Very frustrating that this old bug came back though.

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