Modding questions

  • So Chivalry gives a good base-game and will enable a lot of great new experiences once modding kicks in. So I was wondering to what extent this could go?

    First of all, what kind of map and modding distribution will there be and what is the ETA for that? I think workshop would be a good start, maybe even take it a step further and allow in-game on demand workshop subscription/download so you can basically just join a server and it will tell you that you require this and that workshop add-on and if you would like to subscribe.

    Then to what extent will modding go? Only maps and map scripts or also new game modes, weapons and other custom content? Any info on that?

    I had some interesting ideas so I thought I might ask what will be possible.

  • Chivalry’s SDK will let you do pretty much anything. Mapping, creating new game-modes, new weapons, and they already plan to integrate steam workshop for mods IIRC.

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