Server crap.

  • So what’s the deal with server showing as, say, 18/24, only to try to log in to receive the “server at capacity” message.

    It has started happening a lot, despite refreshes showing that the server is not full. Sometimes even, the displayed number of people on a server will go down, yet still I cannot get it.

    Also, on occasion the lists of server goes completely empty and it takes me 2-3 times restarting the game for any server to appear.

    And finally, favorites list wiping itself or having a particular server there one day, not the next - and then it magically reappears again at random.

    I play on 2 different PC’s on a fast and stable internet connection which is why I am annoyed, frustrated and baffled.

    Anyone else experience nonsense like this?

  • I foresee the alternate server browser in your future (my sig), fixes those issues for the most part.

  • The browser has always been crap. The patch before last was the most “stable” build the game had ever seen, not just for the browser to but for a lot of bugs. Hopefully next build will be better.

  • Yeah this has been happening to me as well, it was a problem before the patch but it seems to be happening more frequently.

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