Patch Notes in Steam News

  • In the Steam Library, every game has a “Recent News” section. For Chivalry, most entries are headlines from gaming news sites which are nice and all, but there is a much better use for it that a lot of other games already utilize.

    All Valve games, Awesomenauts, Terraria, Don’t Starve, Dungeon Defenders, and I’m sure countless other games all use the Recent News section to display Patch Notes.

    Having the patch notes right there on the game’s page when looking at the library will make finding the changes a lot easier and allow more widespread knowledge of them. This is especially helpful for spreading the new because not everyone is willing to come to the forum to check them, assuming they even know to check here.

  • We figured out how to get patch notes in our news feed, and the patch notes for the latest patch were there for a while… and now they’re gone :?

    This has been a real source of frustration for me.

    Edit: Here’s the news post so you know I’m not crazy I just wish I knew why it isn’t displaying in the feed :?

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