Strange weapon unlock behavior

  • Hullo all,

    I’ve been playing Knight for some time and wanted to unlock the helmet. I only need the last axe, and so played a lot with the axe line.

    I started tonight’s gaming session at 70 kills remaining for the last axe. I ended up at 69. I have done more than 50 kills with the war axe (or however it’s called, it’s on the same line), and on 2 different ‘Official ranked server’. Is it gonna update someday ? Am I going to farm these kills again ?

    Yes I did try other servers to see the change - no change, 69 kills required.

  • Hey man , i just made a post for this same thing for me , I needed 45 kills for last crossbow
    I kill like 15 people and next game sets me to rank 4 and puts kills at 44.

    Then i kill 10 more next game sets me back to rank 4 and 43 kills needed most i seen it drop is 1 per round.

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