My thoughts on the patch

  • Now that things have had time to settle in, I thought I would give my opinion on the patch. I’ve played this game for about 1000 hours with all four classes, competitively and casually. Now, Im by no means a good player, but I consider myself pretty rational, so I thought I’d give my input on the patch. As many can recall, I complained a fair bit post patch about javelins, but given that it only nerfed MY playing style, and there were no straight nerfs to javelins, I am willing to accept the changes and adapt. Though, I still think javelins need some work to make them viable and able to compete with the bows/xbows. That is a different story however.

    Things I love:
    1. Torches are no longer made from lead. Though it might be wise to make the burnables take more torches to burn, in this case.

    2. Official support for 1h bastard swords: I like that there is an official way to wield the bastard swords in one hand. Before, you had to do some tricky combination of events to get it in one hand. All that would be nice now is giving it a unique style of play as I believe it has the same timings as with a shield just with the ability to parry and riposte, but that would just be extra.

    3. Buckler FOV: Enough said.

    4. Saber Buff: Also, enough said.

    5. Sticky Projectiles: Finally, I can pick my javelins out of people’s skulls. Xmas came early.

    Things I like:
    1. More Footwork: The timing changes to the weapons actually puts a greater emphasis on good footwork, and it is nice to be able to sidestep and duck blows more reliably. Timing changes also make drags harder, but they are still possible, so yay, because I hate feinting even with the changes.

    2. Lookdowns: Accelerating attacks should definitely be a core part of the gameplay. However, I am happy to see that lookdowns were toned down just a tad. Now, instead of constantly looking at the floor, you have to mix them in strategically, I like that.

    3. Kick changes: Kick is actually pretty useful now. Though it can be a mite too useful on maps with chasms and spikes, haha.

    4. Vanguard Buff: Hey, vanguards don’t have to run away all the time. Instead of swinging and loping around the battlefield like mad men, they can finally settle down and have a proper duel. It’s nice not seeing my opponent’s back all the time.

    Things I don’t like:
    1. Facehugging bubble: Good idea in theory, but I think in practice, it causes more issues than it solves. You can still facehug people, and the bubble lends itself to creating some very odd situations.

    2. CFTP: Yes, I understand the reasoning behind removing CFTP, but I think it severely lowers the skill ceiling, and overall, makes the game less enjoyable. In much the same way as reload canceling, it was nice that there were techniques in place for skilled players to pick up on and use to bring their game to a higher level.

    3. Stamina Changes: Yes, I like that stamina management has more of a role in the game, however, there are still pretty glaring changes needed to balance it. It is not much fun to ever run out of stamina, which happens all too quickly now.

    4. Special Daze Stun: I thought 1.5 seconds was fine for this. 2 seconds is far too long in my opinion, especially with the new rate of stamina drain and the still present stamina transfer bug. Maul especially, as you can just pound away, and then get a free hit.

    5. Flinch Changes: It is nice that 2h flinch longer than 1h, but I think it makes 1vns and even team combat a bit stale, since it is very, very hard to even survive anymore against multiple opponents, and obviously, this is magnified when they are all skilled. If a player invests enough time, and is more skilled than his opponents, I don’t see why s/he shouldn’t be able to win a 2v1 or higher. That is the beauty of competitive games.

    6. Feinting Changes: I understand that long feints, feint spamming can seem pretty unfair, given human reaction times, however, all of the restrictions severely impact the fluidity and player control over combat. It would be nice to have had them nerfed in such a way that did not affect the fluidity and freedom of combat.

    7. Introduction of old bugs: Server browser, ghost/phantom swings, rank bug, archer projectiles, etc. It is not very fun having to deal with bugs resurfacing on top of some new ones.

    8. No sprinting after flinch or parry: Also, severely impacts group/1vn combat in my opinion.

    9. MAA changes: I think all of the changes to MAA were perhaps too radical an overhaul. I would almost prefer them to be the way they were pre-patch, but with more minor nerfs that didn’t change the way they are played so drastically.

    10. Xbow buffs: Honestly, just prior to the patch, I thought Xbows were in a good place. I don’t think that they themselves were underpowered, just overshadowed by the OP warbow. I think returning them to their state just prior to the patch would give them a very nice role/balance.

    Things I’m ambivalent about:
    1. Chase Mechanic: Eh, doesn’t really bother me.

    2. Balance: I assume TB will fix some of the glaring balance issues (claymore, knockback, etc.), and balance is a very, very tricky process so I think people need to be a little more understanding.

    3. Lack of Customization Options: I wish there were more options to customize in-game. It would be nice if it were tied to rank as my current rank means nothing atm despite how long it has taken me (48). However, as there are more pressing bugs/issues, I can wait.

    In conclusion, was this patch the end of the world? No. Does it make the game less fun? For me, yes. The mechanic changes made are supremely frustrating as they make the game so much more forgiving and makes group fighting/1vNs needlessly difficult. For a skill based, competitive game, there should be some reward for investing your time and becoming better than others. However, Chivalry is essentially one of the most fun games I’ve ever played, so it is still up there. I’ll give the patch a 4/10.

    Tl;DR: Patch was not the end of the world. The game is less fun, but it was already amazingly fun to begin with, so, there’s that. Adapt, have fun, slay noobs. Chivalry will always have a special place in my games library, even now.

  • Chase mechanic is so bogus now for knights and vanguards vs MaAs and archers.

  • @SOC:

    Chase mechanic is so bogus now for knights and vanguards vs MaAs and archers.

    True, I can’t catch those little buggers at all, especially if they parkour and stuff.

  • I agree with everything in your post except the MAA rebalance; I like it, though for some reason their top sprint speed was nerfed to 313 (whatever unit of measurement) instead of 330.
    Archers are now the fastest class which kind of undermines the point of the MAA.
    This can be tested by anyone using aoc_showspeed 1
    Though the MAA does have faster acceleration by 1.5 seconds but I don’t think that is enough.

    I still can’t believe the community insisted so hard on messing with feints when feints are not the problem parries are.

    Oh well, hopefully TBS learns from this and implements better patches in the future.

  • Great post, agreed completely

  • Spot on, every point. Have you seen hexen’s recent video about the patch? It got moved to the community media forum so that no one would see it.

  • @Pan:

    Spot on, every point. Have you seen hexen’s recent video about the patch? It got moved to the community media forum so that no one would see it.

    I did, I thought it was pretty funny when he talked about the chase mechanic. His reaction was basically exactly the same as mine, “Eh, doesn’t affect me”, haha. I totally agree with how this patch is frustrating as both a consumer and competitive player. In any case, my point was simply that people are being way, way too dramatic on both sides. The game is still fun, and I still love it at least. While I would love to see all of the dislikes I mentioned reverted, you don’t always get what you want. I’ll just continue to play and adapt, and support the promod for the times when I want the original experience.

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