Join Harbingers of Chaos

  • Harbingers of Chaos newer server located in the US North East with Team Deathmatch Maps, 2 Objective Maps, 1 FFA to go crazy and clear that mind to prepare for the next set of battles.
    Server IP:
    Add it to your favorites and Join our Steam Group also looking for more Clan members to join.
    Ventrilo is available to players within the clan.
    Things to know…
    1. HoC is always up for new ideas from other players.
    2. TK will be monitored and will lead to kicks and eventual ban from server.
    3. Latency above 110 will not be accepted into server you will be kicked unless you fix your latency.

  • If the tk and high ping rules are enforced I’ll probably be a regular.

    Providing the server doesn’t lag.

  • Hello gents! I believe I’ve seen you guys around on the game, and I must say you’re quite formidable. I won’t be able to play until the 20th, but I would like to possibly join if you’re interested.

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