Chat bug, Reconnection loop bug, No Spawn bug

  • First is the in game chat. Sometimes when you hit the team chat, the keyboard and mouse no longer functions and you are stuck not being able to move, hit Enter to make the chat go away. The only commands that seem to work is Atl+tab, Crtl+ALT+Del, and sometimes the console. Very freaking annoying because you have to Crtl+ALt+Del to kill the game and restart. I have not been able to replicate the key strokes to get this to happen on command so it could be a sticky key issue but I have that turned off. Who knows but it has happened to me quit often as of late. No changes to PC since the patch. Now it just happened when typing in game chat, just froze…. Whoot!

    While trying to connect off of my friends list. The game will go into a connect for 30 secs - disconnect - reconnect for 30 secs - disconnect - reconnect endless loop. There is no way out of it other than to hopefully Crtl+Alt+delete and end the UDK process. I am not the only one that Has had this issue.

    No Spawn bug. This happens on many maps where you select your class and weapons then there is no spawn. You just sit in spec. If you try and chose another team or load out, still no spawn. You have to totally reconnect to server, sometimes that works.

    Finally, servers are still not showing up in the list specially in the friends tab.

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