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  • I was brainstorming about a cool Team Objective setting the other day, so here - what about a very extensive and cinematic sort of map? It’d concern the city/palace in which Danum Argon, the heir to the throne, is stashed away. As follows:

    1. The Mason Order arrives at the border of the city with some siege equipment - the Agatha Knights hold the gate with a similar assortment of siege equipment, while also deploying ground troops. Unexpectedly, the Agathians take the offensive role, as the Mason’s siege weapons appear to have been sabotaged. The Masons have to defend their engineers and their various repair tools in order to fix the weapons (which are various experimental catapults), while the Agathian forces try to take their chances and prevent the siege from even occurring.

    2. If Masons succeed, the game moves on, and the weapons (about 3-4)have to be manned by the Mason team (in a different location than the previous objective) and fired at various spots within the Agathian wall and gate, while the rest of the team defends against the continuous Agathian waves.

    3. If succeeded, the Mason take the offensive role - now steamrolling into the Agathian stronghold. However, there’s a twist: one of the Masons, he with the most kills, is chosen to be Malric Terrowin (or a different high-ranking Mason persona, some sort of Black Knight), who leads the internal assault personally (I was thinking he could maybe give a buff to nearby masons which don’t help with any actual combat, but do help with the objectives - maybe peasants run slower if he’s near or the cart is harder to move. Not sure whether he should only get 1 life or infinite or something else.). The Mason forces swarm into the city, and begin to raid the homes and kill the various peasants - however, there’s a few citizens who assisted the Masons with their siege plan from the inside (mason spies), and who need to be extracted/not-killed. They’ve already been exposed and are in a prison cart, on their way to the palace to ensure their safety so that they may be interrogated after the battle. So, both teams have a defensive -and an offensive objective. Masons have to kill the peasants and secure the prison cart, while the Agathians have to secure the peasants and move the prison cart (still debating on whether this should be done or not, might cause complications. What could also be done is a Tug of War sort of thing with the prison cart.). If both of the objectives of one team fail, the other wins.

    4. If the Masons succeed, the game progresses to the final external push - the royal palace’s footsteps. Basically what’s done on Citadel, in which the doors have to be destroyed. Except this time, there’s a twist - Masons have to plant a bomb at the gates (can be done by any group of 3-4), which then has 30-60 seconds before it detonates, during which the Agathians have to disarm it. This can cause an interesting constant switch between offensive-defensive for Agatha/Order, which can be chaotic (which might just make it a lot of fun. Or not, who knows.).

    5a. If succeeded, the bomb blows and the gate along with it. The Masons charge into the beautiful, ornamental castle. Only one thing’s left to do - kill Danum Argon, the heir to the throne, who is played by a random Agathian player (or not, not sure how he should be selected), while the four of the best Agathian warriors get elected as his royal guard - Agathian knights with a little bit more armor and damage. Danum himself is pretty weak, both offensive- and defensive, and thus relies heavily on his guards. If the Black Knight / Malric is still around, it could produce some neat cinematic stuff.

    5b. An alternate idea I had was for the battle to be solved on a more individual level - the Black Knight / Malric versus the royal guard (four best players) one by one. If they fail, the black knight has the pleasure of killing Danum Argon.

    This is really just a large pot of various ideas which could be molded together into something good - a draft, if you will. Feel free to add onto it and share your suggestions. Thanks.

  • Personally, I would take out the first part, just start the match with masons trying to break the walls. Seems like too many objectives, and a ton of time to do all of this.

    Other than that, awesome idea, would like it to be implemented.

  • Whats the general role of the Black Knight? Eye candy only? Would be neat enough, just asking.

    3. Objective: What happens if one team completes one objective and the time runs out? What if both complete one, and the time runs out? What if no team achieves anything? Or wont there be a time limit?

    4. Objective: Is the game over if the bomb is disarmed? 30 - 60 seconds inst that much once the Agathians overwhelmed a Mason wave, it would probably be too easy to block off the bomb for that amount of time. Form a circle around the guy defusing, best with shields, and add the time Masons need to respawn and move in and possibly to kill the guards. Suggestion: Maybe just disable defusing; the bomb drops where its carrier died, only Mason can pick it up, once it reaches the door the stage is over (Agatha cannot defuse it).

    All in all, lots of great ideas. I especially like the idea of changing the roles of attacker and defender on the same map.

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