Which is your Favorite Map on Which mode?

  • Id just like to see which maps on which game modes they prefer most! Let me know what you guys come up with ^_^

  • Arena king Of the hill 64 players.

  • I think we’ve had a few of these threads before but it’s always nice to see more and new opinions, and see if we’ve changed since our last posts. As like before, I love to play Chivalry as a solo pubber and try to lone wolf as much as I can, I don’t enjoy teamwork that much.

    For me it’s:

    TO: Stoneshill - I try to only play attacking team in TO because I hate the advantage defending team gets when pubbing, and I love being aggressive and having to “move forward.” I love the first two objectives in Stoneshill and while defending team certainly still has their advantage, it’s probably the most manageable ones as a solo attacking team pubber and there’s lots of areas to “secure” to help achieve victory that aren’t related to the objective. For example, securing the catapult can really help both attacking and defending teams in a lot of ways. However, killing the king is rarely fun and extremely difficult to do as a solo pubber.

    TDM: Argon’s Wall - I really love this map’s atmosphere and mood. It plays pretty well as a solo pubber until the enemy team knows how to play defensively: they camp their side of the wall top and all areas of approach are loaded with people, so it can be kind’ve frustrating sometimes. It’s also pretty neat that it has both catapults and ballistae considering it’s not an objective map.

    CTF: Frigid - Despite being a really hard to run map on my lackluster laptop, I still love its atmosphere and how many ways it offers of approaching. There’s a ton of ways for a solo pubber to shine here and while CTF certainly is team based, sometimes it can be an enjoyable experience on this map for me.

    FFA: Moor - The wide open space and large map size allow for the best FFA experience IMO: FFA is all about who can kill steal the most, and this map makes it the hardest to do so. While archers probably have the biggest advantage on this map, I think most people agree that archers don’t typically win FFAs.

    LTS: Arena - LTS is probably the most team based of all game modes, but during my clan battles with Interitus, I found Arena to be the most fun. Moor was certainly fun as well, but I think arena wins this for me, especially when solo pubbing. There’s a lot of archer cover and areas to secure, with plenty of hit and run opportunities.

    Duel: For serious: Arena Flat, for pubs: Dining Hall - Obviously Arena Flat is the go-to for serious play, but Dining Hall is the most fun for me during pubs. I love its atmosphere and visuals and the table makes for some interesting fights sometimes.

    KotH: Hillside - I don’t really like KotH too much, but I guess it’s the most fun on Hillside for me.

    Overall, TO on Stoneshill is what defines Chivalry for me.

  • Attacking on Darkforest, TO.

    “Desecrate their cistern with the diseased bodies!”

  • Well without a doubt DarkForest TO (up to 24 Players).
    DarkForest is the most balanced map by far,it looks amazing,the objectives are fun,the map has very little bugs and the FPS is perfect.
    TO,just because it makes people work together.
    Up to 24 players,cause more than that makes a huge sausage fest,and the game mode becomes FFA instead of TO :D !
    Aside from that in my 700 h of gameplay i probably dumped around 500h into Moor FFA duels,so i would be lying to myself if i said that wasn’t my favorite as well.
    When i bought the game,i had a shitty PC that couldn’t handle more than 10-12 players or my FPS would drop to bellow 20.
    So i was just playing those FFA duels with a low number of players,but when i bought a new PC,i guess it just stuck.

  • FFA: Throneroom XL & Moor
    TO: Dark Forest

  • I’d be able to tell you so many maps i hate and just quit when they rotate to it. :/ But I do have favorites.

    Argon’s Wall in TDM is the only TDM map I enjoy. God, I wish there were permanent servers with that one, because its bloody awesome. But its hard to get more than 5 minutes an hour of this. Every other maps I have issues with when played in TDM.

    TO has very few good maps as well. I tend to prefer Hillside and stoneshill, but only as defense. Well, I only ever play defense in TO. I hate going for objectives.

    I do love the first and 2nd section of citadel, but after that its terrible.

    Thats not even a favorite list. Thats about all the maps (and all the gametypes) I like.

  • TO Battlegrounds with a 32+ player count…It’s big and open with enough variation for all playstyles. If they made a new game mode for control of multiple points then it would be great (even if it’s a sort of battlefield rip off…but let’s face it, those games are successful for a reason (which is legacy, but the original games were successful for a reason d-(>.o)Z )).

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