New "Bubble" Too Large, Difficult to Land Punches

  • I believe that the “anti face-hugging bubble” is a bit too large. I like the concept, but at the end of a round today I went up to an AFK player and could barely land half of the punches. LMB punches were especially difficult to land. The only reliable punch seemed to be a straight jab (mouse wheel up). The other two punches couldn’t get close enough.

  • The bubble makes a lot of things awkward. Players now often slip around you as you try to strike them. Some short range strikes such as the buckler attack with the javelin are impossible to land in certain situations. The concept makes parrying less awkward, but creates new issues.

  • Edit: Eh, I retract my statement. Haven’t fully formed my opinion as to whether or not it’s too big.

  • I have not had any issues with the bubble even with very short ranged weapons like the waraxe. Punches seem the same to me as previous patches since their tracers were changed.

  • Bubble needs to be refined and toned down a tad. It makes combat really awkward in many situations and has basically killed the javelin shield bash, and a few other attacks (fists, etc.).

  • Agreed, sometimes even hard to land hits with normal weapons.

    But they should first fix the other 1000 bugs and problems.

    It’s a shame this game will never be functioning properly, next fix will fix and create a load of new bugs.

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