Stuck going left

  • Here’s a bizarre one, when I logged in today my character always strafes to the left, even in spectator mode.

    Tried unplugging and replugging my keyboard - my character strafes left even when my keyboard is unplugged.

    Rebound my strafe keys, restarted game, validated steam cache.

    What gives?

  • I’ve had this before but it always goes away for me after a few seconds of jumping, crouching, swinging and just generally spazzing out on the keyboard and mouse, I take it that didn’t work for you? I’m not sure if those methods actually solved it or were just coincidental, but I’ve never had this problem for more than a few seconds at a time.

  • No, I’ve definitely tried all of those methods and as I said I restarted my game, computer, revalidated steam cache, rebound my keys, unbound my keys, changed classes.

    I suppose I could reinstall.

  • Joysticks and controllers.

    Try unplugging them.

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