Adding a third strike to the Combo.

  • (It’s 4AM here and I’m spamming the suggestion thread with, wait for it… Suggestions!)

    Why do combos only consists of two strikes?
    Why not add a third one in the mix to make Chivalry combat mechanics even more complex and strategically challenging? It would increase the skill required for combat in someway as you’d essentially go for more of a risk n’ reward type of approach, should you choose to go for a three strike combo.

    Also I’d like to add that a good limitation for this would be that you couldn’t use two attacks consecutively, unless they’re slashes (just like in the game now. You can slash-slash but you can’t overhead-overhead -combo). So you could go stab-overhead-slash but not stab-stab-overhead. Duels would be elevated into a completely new level with the addition as it would add another layer to the combat mechanics all together and would also make up for a lot more ‘showmanship’ duels.

    A doubleaxe wielding maniac could go all-or-nothing and risk it all with a slash-slash-slash combo but it would have an effect on his mobility and should the opponent dodge n’ duck the attacks, it would seriously hinder the defence ability of the attacking maniac and so on.

  • Combos already are three strikes.

  • Omg… No wonder I suck in melee fights…

    Delete thread please so that I might have some dignity left in the eyes of my fellow players. :( This is just simply horrible.

  • @SlyGoat:

    Combos already are three strikes.

    I have some issues with the third strike triggering sometimes, usually against multiple opponents. Probably because the time to commit to a combo is ridiculously early in the swing. Wouldn’t it make more sense to have the combo window made larger to prevent the click spam that’s resulting in a lot of team kills? As it is it feels really floaty and is a toss up as to whether or not you’ve even triggered it, which makes cancelling the attack a bloody pain, especially with the slower weapons.

    In a game that has such wonderfully tight controls, it just doesn’t feel welcome. Makes me feel like a simpleton failing at the wind rather than a swordsman.

  • Developer

    You can chain them indefinately if you switch to overheads before the thirdstrike and then comeback to slashes and so on …

  • @sir_loin:

    You can chain them until you run out of stamina if you switch to overheads before the thirdstrike and then comeback to slashes and so on …

    Fixed that for you ;)

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