Simple improvement suggestions - Mainly UI

  • Hello Chivalry: Medieval Warfare develepors and community

    I have recently bought the game, and I have found it very enjoyable to play. However, there are a lot of small improvements you could make, that i think would make the game more simple and elegant

    - Name highlight on frag - When you press TAB to see the scoreboard, it is often quite hard to find you name amongst all the other players of your team. Therefore, it would be much easier to find your own name (and those of your steam friends), if they were highlighted on the scoreboard.

    - Change loadout button - It would be nice if you had a button, to ONLY customize your loadout, not pick class. Because when you are playing with an archer limit and the limit is full, You cant pick the archer class, and change loadout from there. So if you had a keybind to bring up the loadout screen, you could avoid that situation

    - High field of view viewmodels - When you change your field of view to be more than 100 (which i play with), the viewmodels get all ugly and glitchy. You can see through your shoulders, and the sword sometimes glitches out of the screen. I see two ways to fix this, one to improve the viewmodels for a high field of view, or the eaiser option, to make a slider for customizing the fov for your viewmodel.

    And last, I know this is off-topic, but please fix the weapon bug. It is so annoying when all your unlocked weapons keep disappearing, and your kills are not counted.

    Thanks for an awesome game :D

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