Admin abuse in "The Church - NO ARCHER TDM\\TO\\LTS" Server

  • If you are a good player do not get into that server, you will be banned, for killing admin-kiddie-players.

    I liked this server. This afternoon I was playing there when I was kicked two times, i thought it was for making some tk, but no, it was for killing too many times to some admin and get a big score, and then I was banned from the server for no apparent reason.

    Admins, if you are reading that words, i wish you luck with your server and do not let kiddies-admins will spoil it for abuse of power.

    Screen Capture

    God of Chivalry

  • I can’t remember the new of the server but there is a classic duels server and the admin is named Reginald The Brave.

    He kept attacking me while I was dueling someone so I eventually pulled out my throwing axes and embedded one in his forehead and told him to leave me alone. I was instantly kicked and temp banned.

    I guess once the power gets to your head you need to flex those power-tripping muscles every so often on random people.

  • Although the guy is obviously a tosspot, it is his private server therefore unfortunately he is entitled to do as he wishes.

    Would recommend that anyone encountering such, find somewhere to play that’s more fun instead. :)

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