VANGUARD Two Handers: What makes them Special?

  • First let me just say I know that I am new here so that’s why I am making this post. I know a bit from what I’ve played and what I will say here are just my observations. I figure this will help increase my understanding and that of others.

    I’ve noticed that the different in stats between the weapon types sword, spear and polearm can be different and they don’t always add up. Some weapons just seem to have MUCH better stats, heres an example.

    Zheihander Brandistock
    Power 66% Power 60%
    Speed 27% Speed 50%
    Reach 72% Reach 91%

    Now at first glance this seems like an obvious choice on which one you would pick. The reach and speed are way better for a minimal 6% loss of damage. When I went to play around with what would be an insane weapon I realized a few things. For one it can’t combo its normal side to side strike. It’s sprinting attack is a thrust and not a huge arc slash and the hit boxes only seem to be at the tip. (from what I could tell.)

    I am curious what makes each of the weapons unique? Also does the damage on Downswing, Stab, Swing differ from each weapon not just based on percentage but based on the weapon itself? Would a stab with a spear do the same damage as a sword if they both had 60% power? I noticed the Norse sword said it was used for stabbing and bad at slashing.

    I would really love to see some sort of in depth weapons FAQ either by a experience player or by a developer. Because as it looks the best two weapons I would say are Poleaxe and Brandistock. I do however greatly favor the Greatsword. The sprinting attack and balance of speed are great, also it still takes 3 to 4 hits to kill a knight. The same as a Zheihander but it’s faster. The 6% power is very small. I typically only use the Zheihander in 12 on 12 or higher to get those big multi kill runs going.

    Give me you thoughts, all of you!

  • The % bars are total misleading garbage and I tried to have them replaced during the alpha. You can’t really know a weapon’s strengths or weaknesses going off of those bars, and they will inevitably just lead to confusion as you’ve already seen.

    The Brandistock’s strongest attack is its secondary, the low, slow thrust - it does a whopping 90 damage of the best damage type in the game, which makes it strong enough to kill an archer or man-at-arms with a single headshot and kill anyone else with 2 stabs to the body.

    But the Zweihander’s horizontal slash also does 90 damage - and its overhead does even more. The Zweihander needs one overhead to kill a MaA or archer as long as you hit the head (easy with an overhead) and two overheads to the skull downs a Vanguard or Knight, despite a vastly inferior damage type (slashing is garbage and even the MaA takes 20% more from piercing damage).

    So one would assume, knowing that either weapon needs two hits to kill, the Brandistock is simply mathematically superior because of its reach and speed. But for one, the Brandistock is a spear weapon, which means it cannot combo attacks - so the Zweihander, despite having a slower single-strike speed, can get off two attacks just as fast as the Brandistock can. Another huge thing worth noting is that the Brandistock is pretty much a one-attack wonder. Its quicker overhead stab and its sweep both do about half as much damage as the slow stab - while the Zweihander has a formidable 70 damage stab to complement its 90 damage slash and 100 damage overhead, so it can mix up attacks for any situation. The ability to strike overhead or from the side with a sweep means the Zweihander isn’t stonewalled by a shield like spear weapons are, since they can only thrust straight into the shield instead of getting around it. And of course, the Zweihander is infinitely superior against groups of enemies because it’s much easier to hit multiple opponents with a slash than a stab.

    So yeah, different weapon types definitely have advantages and disadvantages that can’t possibly be shown with the silly little bars. I think at the very least the bars should be displayed on a per-attack basis to give a clearer picture of how each weapon’s different attacks measure up.

    With all of this in mind I personally think the Zweihander is a terrible weapon, because the damage increase it gets over the Claymore is rather small for the huge increase in speed the Claymore gets, and the Claymore even does higher stab damage - but I would say the same thing about the Brandistock compared to the Spear, as speed is generally superior to damage at the moment because it gives you much more versatility. But these weapons can be compared more easily because they function similarly and only have statistical differences. That’s pretty much the only point where the % bars are worth looking at, and even then they only give a very rough translation of how the weapon works ingame. Comparing different weapon types isn’t straightforward enough to be displayed based on three numbers/bars.

    I’ve held off on posting comprehensive weapon stats because I’m still hoping they’ll just be displayed in-game eventually. It’s silly to me to hide anything like this from players in favor of a misleading % based rating, especially if they can just open up game files to see it and then realize how inaccurate it is.

  • Woah! Thanks for the reply! I really appreciate it and thanks for all that info. Seeing the raw numbers like you displayed really helps out. It’s good to get that kind of insight that kind of proves some of my assumptions I have been making. I mean I’ve hit hundreds of people with these weapons and it’s good to see some of the numbers support that.

  • Damage types and weapon specialties certainly need to be better explained in game.

  • I really don’t care about any other weapons than the 2-handed swords :D It was the same in M&B, the 2-handers are just so much more versatile than a spear or a 1-handed sword/1-handed + shield.

  • @TheKnightWhoSaysNi:

    I really don’t care about any other weapons than the 2-handed swords :D It was the same in M&B, the 2-handers are just so much more versatile than a spear or a 1-handed sword/1-handed + shield.

    Pew pew pew, you got archer’d !

    What’s more, when defending, your shield or your precise polearm can increase teamwork (less friendly fire, tanking), so while you are group vs group, two hander do have some disadvantages.

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