Thanks TBS for CMW!

  • I’ve said it before but I have to say it again. Thank you so much for this game.

    It is still my favorite, even though it has changed a lot with the recent patch. I hope the devs don’t take these forums too seriously. There is a lot of vitriol here and outright rudeness, and I think 90% of the bashing that goes on in these forums would never be said to you face to face (in person). That’s just the nature of web forums I guess — to really let loose with a lot of criticism and unrelenting attacks. And even then, most of the people complaining on the forums do so because they love the game, too.

    I just had to get this off my chest. Thanks again. Chivalry is truly a gem, and your hard work shows in every little detail in the game, from the audio effects, modeling, animations, physics, voice recording, and level design on down to the humor (and everything else that goes on behind the scenes).

    Hopefully more new players will continue to join the game—as they have been in the past week in droves—and enjoy Chivalry as much as I have.

    Best regards. :D

  • Developer



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  • I love these kinds of threads.



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  • +1

    I hate the new patch with a passion, but only because I love the game! Its important to remember that!

  • I would put Chivalry right up there with Starcraft and Counter-Strike as my favorite competitive games.

    To the devs, I hope you keep in mind that the loudest people get the most attention in the forums, but they don’t necessarily speak for the majority. Love this game (before AND after the big patch), so please keep cranking out new content and fixes. Also, some cosmetic DLC couldn’t hurt!

  • Game is godly.

  • Its pure awesomeness. Graphics, Sounds, Details - really immersive. Gameplay - challenging and fun. If there was an Oscar for Startup-games, TBS should get it.

  • @sir_loin:


    Well no bias there.

    But I agree with OP


    And even then, most of the people complaining on the forums do so because they love the game, too.

    Of course they do, otherwise they would move on.

    Forums are great though for getting representation from 5% of the player types.

  • Yes, most of my complaining comes from a love for this game, and it not wanting to be messed up. Anyway good post.

  • Great game ia gree,i just hope that they reduce the lag on servers that are full of people so we can enjoy epic battles.

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