After recent update *No Server List*

  • please help after the recent update my server list is blank. i have to constantly exit the game and restart it but i have tried more then 5 times and nothing. Sometimes it randomly works but mostly not. Its not a FIREWALL issue because it worked completely fine before this recent update. Please Torn Banner fix this.

    Thank You.

  • oh yeah and i can ping my server just fine. Apparently a few friends i play with also have the same issue so its just not me.

  • One thing that did work when i tried it once was to join a friend via steam that already was playing. it would not go into the server he was playing directly but when it started up the game i was able to see the server list again. what i think might be happening steams link while you load the game is not starting for some reason which in turn wont allow you to see servers on the list but when i connected via a friend it forced steam to be linked again and then i was able to see the servers. When i connect via friends list the game loads but it does not join the server my friend s playing on instead it just shows main screen but when i hit join game server list its there.

  • After further investigating, when i start the game via desktop shortcut it does not see the steam link but when i join a friend or launch it directly from steam library it shows the server list.

    So until they fix this issue try these steps.

    1. Launch via in Steam or Steam library.
    2. Join a friend via steams friends list. If it does not join directly it should take you to the main screen and just view server list.

    Hope this helps for people having the same issue i am having.

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