Stuck spots and some other map glitches

  • Stuck spots:

    Also, with that last stuck spot, it would be nice to have proper functionality of that ballista, similarly to how well the ballistas on Citadel function (and all other ballistas that might still be stuck with crappy functionality).

    Float glitch:

    This roof can’t be set on fire:

    also still no catapult projectile cam, please fix

    Also, sling bullets on Argon’s Wall and Stoneshill go straight through trees, not sure about other projectiles

    Also, the dodge appears to slightly broken - if in mid-dodge, where your animation shows you currently are doesn’t matter, if they’ve connected with where you used to be before the animation is over then they hurt/kill you with their swing, essentially hitting thin air and hurting you. It’s pretty annoying against faster weapons and weapons which are dragged to be fast, it means most of the time you have to dodge before they’ve even begun their attack, and just hope that they’re sloppy and do what you expect them to do.

  • I think they will find your post here.

    But FYI for others post everything into this thread


    Andrew is very good for making fixes for whatever is found.

  • Do these threads ever get replied to by admins noting that they’ve read/taken into consideration/at least seen the thread? would be helpful

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