Autobalanced, no auto respawn, kept old team's model, etc.

  • I joined the game and spawned as an Agatha Vanguard. I got a kill or two and everything appeared to be normal. Then I received the message saying that I was going to be autobalanced to the Mason team. I was never forced to respawn so I figured it hadn’t worked.

    It was the first stage, so I hopped on a ballista and fired it at the pallisade wall repeatedly. I was awarded no Objective points and the wall did not appear to be affected. I saw some text pop up near the middle of my screen after each time I hit, but I don’t remember what I said. It was short and looked kind of like misplaced code or something. The ballista worked normally for the next player to come up, an Agathian, so I assume that my problem was probably just a symptom of technically being on the Mason team.

    I noticed that I was on the Mason side of the scoreboard, with “-1” in the deaths column.

    I killed an Agathian and was awarded points as if I were a Mason, but I dealt reduced damage as if I were damaging a teammate. I appeared to have an Agatha Vanguard model and other players confirmed this.

    When a kickvote was started against me, I was shown to have a high amount of team damage which I assume was from attacking a couple of the Agatha players.

    Edit: Grammar.
    Edit2: Same issue as this thread by SHH_: viewtopic.php?f=87&t=15098

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