Server decided to stop spawning people.

  • So yeah near the end of a TO game on stoneshill they hadn’t killed all the peasants and there was just under two minutes to go and the server decided that people only had one life. So when you died you died.

    I logged in as admin and looked for a command that would spawn everyone. Found one that was along the lines of spawning everyone and that got me to spawn again once. But no one else got too and by the time the round finished there was only about 8 people left walking round.

    If it happened any earlier everyone would have left the server.

    Next map and people could spawn fine.

    Don’t know what happened.

  • I’ve also had instances where the trebuchets would not break after being 100% damaged. Also, I played a game King Malric did not spawn. The top Mason was an archer if that makes a difference.

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