Flails without Shiled

  • My suggestion is simple, you can use the flail without the shiled, but the block-box become very little, less than a dagger, because it is hard to block with flail.

    (another sugg: we can use the 3 shields with every weapons. (1H))

  • Would you care to elaborate on why they should do this and what it would bring to the game, atm it doesn’t sound like a big enough of a change for them to do this

  • Wait let me get this straight…

    You want to make the flail worse because… Why?

  • @Phosphore:

    it is hard to block with flail.

    It also would be hard to block mauls with daggers but still it’s as easy as with any other weapon ;)

  • I would like to play without shiled because I don’t like shields, that will be a plus.

  • Shields are a slow, buggy mess that works alright against archers except you end up plastering a giant “STAB ME HERE” neon sign on your side.

    Learning to fight without a shield and with parries is probably the quickest way of getting better at this game. Less room for error = Better learning experiences.

    Unfortunately, you have a bit of a learning cap when you try to apply this with a flail. :D

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