Interface Bug

  • I think I found a bug in the game options interface and the join game interface.

    1. Click on “Join Game” from the Main Menu

    2. On the “Join Game” screen, hover your mouse over any of these options:
    -Add to Favorites

    3. Left click (or left mouse button) on one of the options and hold it for a second or two, and the option name disappears and the word “textField” replaces it.

    I found this also happens in the “Configuration” section too.
    Main Menu->Configuration->Keybinds
    Hover over and press and hold left mouse button on any of these options:

    The word “textField” flashes over the option names.

    I’m attaching a screenshot of the bug to show you what’s happening.

    Can anyone else reproduce this?

  • Yup, can confirm this

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