Graphics Problem

  • Hey,

    i updated my PC with a new graphics card last week. Since this update i can see some sort of black bars moving from the bottom of the screen to the top. They are barley visible but they are there. I only see them, when it’s dark or at least not too bright ingame. It seems i can’t capture them on screenshots.

    They don’t bother me that much, but it still would be nice if someone could help me fix this.

    -I don’t have similar problem with other games
    -graphics driver is up to date

  • Do you have frame sync on?
    Are you running FPS faster than you monitors refresh rate?

    So you are running at 60hz refresh rate, so your FPS should aim to be around 60fps max. (The engine limits it to 62 unless you changed that)

  • My fps are between 45 and 62 normally. Is there a way to lock them at 60?

  • Ahh, if you haven’t tweaked the ini settings then it is already.

    Do you have v-sync on? You may have to force it on via AMD control center or whatever it is called.

  • I thought it’s limited to 62? Because that’s also the max fps i get.

    I have v-sync turned on ingame, but i will check the amd control center as well later.

    Thank you so far.

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