• So I’m basically re-posting an idea of mine that I thought was pretty good and is now at the bottom of Ideas and Suggestions so I like to re-post it so maybe someone can see it and maybe make my map come into fruition.


    The Agathian Knights have laid siege to (insert name) town and this town is a port town. It is a fairly sized town, medium sized. Agatha has not been able to successfully get into the town and each attack has been repelled. So Agatha decides to send in a letter to resistance that is in the town to get them to open the 3 gates surrounding the town. The letter was able to reach the leader of the resistance in the town successfully and the resistance successfully opened the gates, now begins the liberation of (insert name). The army is split into 3 parts . Each objective representing the part of the army.

    First Objective

    Agatha spawns at the front of the first gate, on the walls they see members of the resistance cheering them on while they head forward. Before Agatha heads forward, the resistance tells them that members of the resistance are being executed today. The resistance members will come from a building in chains and walk to the chop block. The Mason Order must chop their heads off or attack them. Agatha must free the resistance members and break the chain holding the cage before The Mason Order kills all 10 members. The Mason Order spawns in a barracks that is close by. Next begins the next phase, transporting Agatha to the Second Gate.

    Second Objective

    Agatha has found out information that the elderly and weak are being held up in one building. Agatha must break down the two doors of the building and free the people. Pretty basic, Agatha spawns at gate while the Mason Order spawn in houses near the building. They are shocked so they pretty much in their houses because they didn’t expect them to attack now. After that begins the third phase.

    Third Objective(Needs more thought)

    By the third attack, the Mason Order decided to prep itself on the third gate and built a barricade that was majorly blocking their way to meeting up to the other forces. The others sides were blocked too. So they barricade must be destroyed with ballista’s that were set up in houses. Destroy the barricade and it frees up the path for the final stage. Agatha spawns at gate while The Mason Order spawns in houses.

    Final Objective

    The rest of the army meets up to stage an attack on the port, the Mason Order are loading up their ships and are preparing to retreat. Agatha sees this so they decide to set fire to their ships. There are 5 ships and each ship requires 3 torches. Agatha has 3 paths, through 2 houses and one choke point. Agatha spawns at town square while The Mason Order spawns in the coastal barracks set up near the port. As Agatha finish off burning the ships the Mason Order fights to the last man and Agatha wins. The End. (Sorry for any errors I made while typing this)

  • Héhé nice ideas man ! Sounds like a great TO map.

    Could you make a simple 2D level design plan ?

    I am creating a medium size fortified village, and i don’t even know what to do with. I’m just building it. So maybe it could fit with the ( mason’s ?) town :

  • Maybe, I’ll think on it.

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