Kill feed doesn't display headshots for a lot of weapons

  • Hi.

    When you kill someone with a headshot with a few weapons I’ve noticed, it doesn’t show up as a headshot in the kill feed, it only shows up as a normal kill.


    What should be happening: DokB (Morning Star headshot) Player1

    What is happening: DokB (Morning Star) Player1

    This happens with a lot of the weapons but not all of them I’ve found. You can quite clearly pop the other persons head with a Morning Star but you can never get a headshot icon up in the kill feed.

    Anyone else getting this? I intend to test this on bots when I get home from work tonight with different weapons.

  • I’ve recently started playing with the maul, I notice me smashing heads but no head related kills on the feed. Not sure if that applies.

  • Okay so last night I tested it out with most weapons and I found that this problem is prevalent with almost all the weapons in the game. The only thing that shows up headshots in the kill feed is anything bow related.

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