Getinfo & whois - Player IP?

  • the player’s IP’s are coming out incorrect or what is going on here?

    I’m doing a getinfo or whois on myself and the IP is completely wrong…

  • Why are you trying to get other players IP addresses?

  • Stay on topic… This is about the console command’s “getinfo” and “whois” not providing the correct IP addresses for the players, this isn’t something I have PERSONALLY done, so if you’re going to ask why, just go directly to the source (Torn Banner) and ask them why they included the feature. As an admin of the server, I have this console command, for many reasons that isn’t the purpose of this topic.

  • Wondering why, is a valid question.

    As to the commands themselves, at a guess I’d say they’re probably something that’s a part of the unreal engine? And likely not programmed intentionally, which may also be why they don’t work correctly.

    Will have to let someone from TBS to comment definitively though.

  • I think those functions are programmed by Brady, not something built in to the Unreal Engine.
    I wouldn’t trust the IP’s unless you aren’t using Steam sockets to connect to your server.

  • Developer

    The commands are pretty straight-forward. The IPs are as-reported by the networking class. In the case of a server with Steam sockets enabled, this spits out this weird virtual Steam IP thing.

    Steam sockets are a Steam/Steamworks feature which helps with NAT traversal. If you start your server without the ?steamsockets in the URL you can get the players’ real IPs, though it’s not recommended.

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