Most desirable weapon trait?

  • Thought this would be a fun thing to look at. Opinions and reasoning are encouraged.

    Any suggestions are also welcome.

    In my opinion, I say speed is superior to any other attribute. You can quickly overwhelm an opponent with stunlock before he can bring his OHK maul to bear.

  • If I had to pick one then speed. Speed > Everything

    With speed they will never be able to return a hit.

  • Speed.

    With a high enough speed, damage doesn’t even matter anymore. It doesn’t matter if it takes 300 hits if you can keep them stunlocked with hits they physically cannot react to.

  • I would say a 4th option could be included: versatility

    The way I judge a weapon is by taking the total number of techniques it can effectively execute. Weapons with a thrusting tip can execute drag and delay thrusts. Slow, long weapons are excellent at dragging and delaying, while short and fast weapons are excellent in the close range flurry. Pierce and Blunt damage are highly desirable for use against knights, so weapons that combine many damage types (broadsword with cutting slash and piercing thrust) have a major advantage.

    Based on this criteria, I’ve found weapons like the broadsword, sword of war, brandistock, shortsword, and cudgel to be some of the most reliable weapons in the game.

  • gotta go fast

  • Speed AND Range. For sure.

  • Range. Being able to hit someone from a distance they can’t hit back is so important in so many scenarios.

  • Why is God-Mode not an option?

  • Speed is good, but sometimes a slower speed is good as well. Think for example the zweihander, it’s quite easy to drag the slash and hit after your opponents parry.

    I don’t know the answer for your question though, how much are the extremes? Because I’d rather have a maul than be a dagger archer.

  • If speed is so desirable, then why does no one use the hatchet? It is a combination of traits that make weapons good.

  • Clearly the answer is range. Polearms, two-handers, arrows, crossbows, throwing daggers, oil pots… anything with range is commonly played because who gives a hoot about speed if they die before they can hit you.

  • Speed + Range is the best combination. That’s why there were so many SoW and Longsword users.

  • I’ve said this elsewhere and explained my reasoning. You can consider Range as an extension of Speed…

  • @Digital_Diamonds:

    Speed + Range is the best combination. That’s why there were so many SoW and Longsword users.

    Maybe if the combo animations for SoW and Longsword weren’t so hard to read at times (like from accelerated stabs + looking down) then maybe we could still have the old SoW/Longsword. :(

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