Disk write error

  • It just downloaded an update and it’s telling me there was an error while updating (disk write error).

    I’m running the disk defrag. For OS (C:) it is on Pass 1: % relocated. It’s being extremely slow more than a minute for 1% and that’s just the first disk.

    I’m running windows 7. I’m trying to check the hard drive for errors. I rightclick the drive with steam and go to properties. problem is there is to “tab” as such. When i click tools the options are Map network drive, disconnect network drive, open sync folder or folder options.

    Do i have any hope of playing chiv tonight?

  • ?

    How much HDD space do you have free?

  • @Toll:


    How much HDD space do you have free?

    21.7/279 GB…. i think. And i found the tools tab, i was looking in the wrong place. but it say cant check the disk while its in use.

  • Yeah, if you want to do a deep scan of your primary drive you will have to download a Linux distro called Ubuntu Rescue Remix


    Boot that via USB and you will be able to check the primary drive using all free quality tools. Google how to use it.

  • -Go to your start button and in the “search programs and files field” type: CMD
    -It will show the program at the top. RIGHT-CLICK on it and select “Run as Administrator”
    -In the command window type: chkdsk c: /f /r
    -Press Y to attempt dismount of drive, press Y again to authorize it to run at computer restart.
    -Close CMD window and restart computer. Get a book.

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