Tutorial suggestion - sparring

  • The tutorial is nice and gives a good description of the aspects of the game. However if you want to practice some sparring you need to go through the lengthy beginning sequence each time until you go to the specialist combat section, and the sparring there is a bit clunky. I would suggest an option where you click ‘sparring’ and go to an arena where you can practice fighting in different styles (with an opponent whose load-out you can change as well). I think this will really help new players to get a bit more used to the game before they get dropped off in the middle of combat.

    Alternatively, it would also help if the player was given an option to skip the beginning sequence of the tutorial after the first time and can choose for himself what he wants to do, and have the option to select your class in the specialist section without having to train for them first.

  • Bots?

  • Hmm?

  • Of course you can’t choose their loadouts, but you can just play a regular game with only bots.

  • Oh, that must be through the ‘create game’ option then. I guess it works to train yourself a bit, but I don’t think it really devalues my suggestion. It would be nice to have a tutorial option where you can try out different fighting styles, or just skip through the first sequence of the tutorial so you don’t have to go through that every time. I wish I had that when I started playing anyway.

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