• Even before this patch came out there was a vast number of archers in the game. Now after this buff to the archer, this encourages more archers to play in a game. So basicly the game is archer vs archer. One game I played was 100% archers!!!

    With the large amount of archers, players choose the knight over the vanguard and man at arms, because the class has more HP. The game has no variety as it use to have. The only class that players play are the knight and the archer. I really do wonder why the buffed the archer.

    In the comments people would say that this is a limit to archers in servers…. but most servers don’t :(. That is reality…

  • I still play vanguard and am quite successful. If you need to face down a horde of archers, send MAA behind them? Get some of your own archers to whittle their ranks and use cover? I’ve found archers to be incredibly weak if you get in close. Never seen a 100% archer team myself…

  • Its the sales.

    Noobs like playing archer.

  • @lemonater47:

    Its the sales.

    Noobs like playing archer.

    Yep. Keep in mind that a lot of the population probably doesn’t keep up with the forums, and that’s the only place the patch notes and damage values are published. Players that are on here probably have enough know-how to make adjustments to their playstyle to suit whatever build is out without dropping their class entirely and picking up the archer.

  • Goddamn Archers!

  • Well archers ARE annoying since the patch. It’s not only because of the sale, it’s mainly because of the buff.

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