• Hello devs, and players, ladies and gentlemen,

    I love play with fire but…

    Why the fire damages are not scored ?

    I ve just seen that : when MAA shoots a group of enemies with a pot, the fire damages are not scored on the board, why ? I specify, there are no allies on the zone impact. So, MAA-Fireworkers are kicked more than (ones) others. They are so weak. And we cant load another fire pot quickly. (What i understand).

    It must be improved. (Or is it a bug ? what i doesnt think)

    I ve tried to make the same thing with a Knight, damages, and no kills, and damages are scored.

    You must see this quick, because, i want to be a fireworker-pro, and i become one. I doesnt want to be the kicked fireworker of the year. =)

    Thanks, for this amazing game. Thanks to have read me.

    Good game to all !


  • It’s a bug.

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