I had a dream

  • Actually more of a realization, I don’t want to get into explicit details of what I was ACTUALLY dreaming about… it wasn’t video games.

    The Specialist style game play

    -Bullet Time (how the fuck did TS get this down so well?)
    -Bitch, do you even KNOW kung fu?
    -The classic wall jumps and evasive maneuvers that made the game so hilariously fun (action button)
    -THE POWER UPS (infinite ammo/clip, time slow, double time slow, triple time slow)
    -Level’s that aren’t too spread out.

    Chivalry Melee Mechanics

    -Brokenly playable at the moment, but honestly is there any other melee game you’d rather play?
    -3rd and 1st person. (League fags, you’re gonna need this for maneuverability and positioning to set up the 1st person combos, shots, and fun times. No, stfu, just because you don’t like it in Chivalry currently doesn’t mean nobody can use it because you think you’re better than everyone else. Fuck you, stop thinking about no 3rd person. It’s essential. Stop it, I know you just want you and your clan to only do 1st person but c’mon, shut your dirty food intake apparatus. C’mon, just stop it already. Ok, are we good? Let us continue.)
    -Rich developement of attack and defense strategies. (lots of different “x vs. y” scenarios due to the cumbersome handling of old projectile weapons, and the viability of melee weapons.)
    *this isn’t to say that a wrist crossbow or two shot pistol + dagger / short sword is out of the question, the crossbow would be more for interruption to create opportunity instead of a straight kill. +HEADSHOTS HEADSHOT HEADSHOT HEADSHOT)

    Early Gunpowder (19th century flintlock, Single Shot rifles + shotguns, crossbows, bows)

    Slew of Medieval Weapons, not just European. (Katana duh, various pokey things, some blunt objects, SHIELDS maybe with special properties, like bullet reflection and a system to angle the projectile off the surface.)

    -League of Extraordinary Gentlemen with Sean Connery is the only kind of setting that comes to mind. Van Helsing with Hugh Jackman’s trench coat. Sunglasses, because fuck you they’re cruise control for cool. Do you want to wear a breast plate because early guns reflected off that shit? Then do it but you’ll be slower and can’t do cartwheels or jump as high.

    Steam punk-ish but not so overboard that you’re making those guys who build xboxes with working coo coo clocks a raging boner. (waste time on prettiness after the mechanics are solid and and a general level of play-ability is achieved, let the community decide what they wanna look like eventually with concept art and submissions of their facebook accounts showing off their katana collections and boots that have 32 buckles and windshield wipers. You know the folks, they’re… creative.)

    MORE PARENTHESIS ()()()()()()()()()()()()()

    Basic run down: Specialist + Chiv + A setting toned to http://world4.eu/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/German-mercenaries.jpg crossbred with http://world4.eu/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/German-Lansquenet-costumes-2.jpg after being vomited up by http://images4.fanpop.com/image/photos/18600000/the-matrix-the-matrix-18670107-1600-900.jpg

    If you’re not wearing your confused face right now, we might be onto something. :? :P 8-)

    Just throwing it out there.

  • Wut.

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