Chivalry: Suggestions & Feedback

  • Greetings,

    Chivalry is an OUTSTANDING game, the texture’s, the quality , the environment, its all beautiful.

    Here are my suggestions:

    • Add a kill confirmation when you kill someone (sometimes I need to look around knowing that I killed the guy)

    • Make the animations look more smooth if can.

    • Menu: Please update the menu choosing font/image (it looks very plain, like text and a glow made in photoshop, please have a look at updating this ? Or make a menu with art styled/make the menu all glue more together.)

    • Show the image of the map when the game is loading

    • At the startscreen, would it be possible to tweak the background video to improve the performance of the main menu?

    Thank You.

  • +1

  • These are all actually very important suggestions, my girlfriend plays Chivalry and she can never tell when a guy is dead (sometimes they keep standing after deatch with no head, foot or arm…). They should add something old-school like:

    You killed TheEnemy

    and upon death:

    You have been killed by TheEnemy

  • I think you know when your dead.

    An there’s a big loud noise when you kill someone.

    The lack of a UI is a good thing. Adding kill notifications would ruin the immersion.

    He other thins are all good though.

    And the menu lags? Its locked at 30FpS (I think). But it shouldn’t lag.

  • Please no Unreal Tournament Announcer!

    The rest is nice and I would really like to see this.

  • hell no, this game will become each time more softcore. You got a confirmation of your kill in the right upper corner of your screen.
    Problem resolved.

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