Massive lag spikes

  • Hi everybody,
    A problem is pissing me off. I’ve played this game for a long time and I’ve never had something like this before. I tried several servers (english, german and french servers, I live in Italy) and I always experience massive lag; i.e. in FFA official DE server I usually have 60-70 ping, or should I say “normally”, for I get 170 ping or more in like the 80% of match duration, making the game unplayable. Obviously I don’t download anything while I’m playing, and I put Chivalry in antivirus’ exceptions. I have no lag in other games (I tried cod 4 and Rising Storm and they work fine).
    Can anybody help me? This starts to getting really annoying :(


  • pick a server you are getting lag with and write down its IP address.

    Goto Dos Prompt and type:

    tracert<ip address="">


    And show us the results.</ip>

  • I was playing and I got massive lag, then I alt-tabbed and did what you said.
    this is the screen:

    ! [image:15fvhfdw][/image:15fvhfdw]

    now that I’m not playing connection is good, I’ve just done a speed test :/

  • Well from that tracert it looks very much like you have network issues. Nothing to do with Chivalry.

    Are you, or anyone in your house/network torrenting? Specifically uploading? Maxing your upload bandwidth is a great way to kill your network performance.

    If not, check your phone line cables and the connection to the wall socket, make sure it isn’t corroded. If not, then there is a possibilty that your modem/router is dieing or even overheating. Try it with a different modem/router.

    My bet is uploading is going on.

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