Crossbows: Able to look around and cancel reload

  • As a frequent Crossbow user, I find it super annoying that I stare straight down at the crossbow. I mean, flavorwise, I’m a trained archer with years of experience… I should be able to crank this thing back without staring at it.

    I understand that the reload time is the huge disadvantage of using a crossbow, by design, but it feels almost a bit restrictive. I play pretty aggressively (stick with my team instead of chilling in the back), and the fact that I’m 100% vulnerable while reloading seems a bit unrealistic. I should be able to atleast look around and cancel and switch to my dagger if someone gets around my buddies.

  • i must admit i dont like crossbows, but, ur right it is not fair if u can cancel a blow of an heavy axe and not be able to just stop putting bolts somewhere between some wood. ergo should really be able to stop reloading to have a chance on an upcomming melee enemy. in the medieval times tho an formation of crossbowmen had only like 1 round each attack of the enemys cavalry and every miss ensured death to the 2 men infront of you

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