No damage after death with projectiles

  • Despite whether you shoot an arrow, throw an axe, or set someone on fire, as soon as you die the projectile magically disappears or the fire doesn’t do a lick of damage. This doesn’t seem right, and shouldn’t be right, so I assume it’s a bug. Please fix!

  • Yeah this is a bug (I hope).

    Really annoying to throw a last ditch throwing axe at the tomato stained archer only for him to crossbow you and nullify your killing blow with the throwing axe.

  • yes this one has been bugging me as Javeliner a whole lot. just because their bolts fly faster, doesn’t mean that if i shoot first, am on target, and they aren’t in time to walk out of it, it should just be nullified. if it’s not a bug, that’s just mean.

  • I could have sworn this was fixed ages ago in a patch, but I’m probably remembering wrong.

    I recall getting so annoyed when I’d be trying to do fire pot suicide runs on King Argon, only for the fire pot to repeatedly disappear at his feet because I was killed in the travel time.
    'Course part of the rage was due to another bug at the time that caused me to, completely at random, lose the fire pot ammo when I went to throw it, without doing the throw animation or producing any projectile.

  • what I know is: IF you die but your projectile or oil pot already flying it CAN yet kill someone, you just dont get the kill for it.

  • This is quite frustrating, I hope it gets fixed soon.
    I also still experience instances of fire-pots hitting players directly and delivering no damage what so ever. I thought that was fixed.

  • i’ve asked before if we could have it so that projectiles still do damage after death. Also traded deaths… but for some reason TB didn’t want to do it at the time. I think they had to figure out the projectiles thing like how to make that work… and i don’t think the death trades are gonna happen. If the projectiles still went after you die, you could potentially kill trade as well, so it’s like 2 things they’d be adding.

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