Request: tie shooting arrows to the Stab button.

  • Hey, would this be possible? I ask because for me, I use a xbox controller to play this game and I have gone into the gamesetup.ini to map the controller how I like, which included putting stab on the right trigger, and the much less used horizontal slash on X. This works great for the most part except for the times when I play an archer, and I can no longer shoot and aim at the same time (I have to X to draw the bow, taking my thumb off the right stick).

    Would it be possible to allow the stab to also fire arrows? Is this something that could be done by myself? Or would it require major code change?

  • The alternate server browser for chivalry has a rather flexible Xbox controller setup tool.

    It could be possible with that.

  • Is that something I dl thru steam?

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    It was the first mod for chivalry.

    Make sure your java is fully updated.

    Its a server browser but with a game pad support tab where you can easily bind keys. I haven’t used it but it might be better than using those files.

    If it doesn’t work you have a far more reliable server browser with more options.

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