How to get more than 5-15 fps?

  • Changing the graphics from low to high make a 5 fps difference. When a game starts I can have up to 30-40 on some maps but it always goes down to around 15 or with a lot of players 10.

    64 Bit Vista SP 2
    AMD Athlon™ 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 5200+ 2.61 ghz
    4 GB ram
    AMD Radeon HD 6700 Series 1 / GB 5.0 / Shader stuff

    I’m not seeing why this game is running so shittily. Anything I can do?

  • Your graphics card is fine.

    But your CPU is on the weak side.

    Your graphics card is probably capable of handling high settings. Provided its a 6770. But you CPu is on the weak side of things.

    I have an AMD 5670 (discontinued 5690) and an i5 3570k and I get 50-60 FPS on citadel and 25-30 FPS on dark forest.

    Its all due to the CPU.

    You could try Overclocking. Turning down ragdolls an blood splatters. Would be a good idea. And turning off dynamic shadows. (Turning off lighting helps lots but that looks bad).

    Also setting the CPU priority to high in the task manager helps to. The thread about FPS and ragdolls tells you how to do that.

  • Any suggestion for a new one around 200 dollars? And if I got a new one would I need to upgrade stuff for next gen games?

  • Well you probably have an AM2 socket with that CPU. Which means you aren’t gonna get any CPUs that are that great.

    You could probably pick up a quad core Phenom CPU. A 3.0GHz one will be good. But they will be hard to find for an AMD socket. And I don’t know what Chipset you have as they could not be compatible with a CPU you choose.

    You could probably get a new motherboard and CPU for $300. That way you could get a motherboard and CPU that will work together no problems.

  • Go look at my CPU bottleneck thread in the general forum it may be a page or two back now. It has tweaks you can do to improve your FPS if you have a weak CPU.

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