[ARCH] Archer Tasks (brainstorming)

  • As each class has a particular role on the battlefield I would like to break it down into single tasks to get a better overview.

    Obviously the Archers job is to “shoot stuff” but it should be possible to break it down on more specific situations. Weapons choice doesn’t matter here so Javelineer tasks are Archers tasks and Crossbowmen tasks are also Archer tasks.

    Tasks are not coupled to their outcome but to the role the class is playing. We should be able to get useful tasks by answering sufficiently specific:

    (1) As a team captain which order would you give to your Archers?

    (2) As an Archer what situations would you be in most of the time?

    (3) As a Non-Archer what do you expect/like your Archers to do?

    (4) What are tasks that only Archers can fullfill?

    ! List for now:
    ! - long distance fighting
    ! - getting close to the objective
    ! - close range fire support
    ! - defending chokepoints by shooting enemies passing through
    ! - harassment/slowing down enemies
    ! - decoy distraction in melee
    ! - sniping
    ! - backstabbing/flanking enemies to use the backstab bonus
    ! - suppression
    ! - melee support

  • (1) Shoot the enemy, not me.

    (2) In a situation not trying to hit my teammates but the enemy.

    (3) Hit the enemy, not me.

    (4) Shoot the enemy (and sadly enough me) from a long distant.

  • As serious answer.

    1. get in close to the objective. Don’t be camping snipers.

    2)melee situations or close range archer support with a warbow when attacking. Defending I find a choke point and shoot them as they come through.

    1. play the objective and don’t be scared of melee fighting. A crossbowman can be lethal close range. Only ever be far away from the enemy when defending. And be standing on or on a path to the objective. So if they get close you can deal with people in melee.

    2. harassment, slowing their advance by making them dodge, A decoy distraction in melee, someone who does the objective.

    As an archer don’t leave an objective to the other classes. Archers are perfectly capable of doing objectives.

  • @Evil:

    (1) As a team captain which order would you give to your Archers?

    • Do not play from 1km away, get in close
    • Do not shoot in to packs unless you are very confident in your aim
    • If you pick the heavy xbow, play the sniper
    • Pick a light weapon (bow/xbow) and sit just outside of battle lowering the health of enemies so you make the melee job easier for your knights/vanguards/maa
    • Do not be scared to run back behind your team if you get caught out
    • Do not trade shots with enemy arches 1km away, your job is on the battlefield and this is distracting you

  • As a javelineer I am most confident when I’m hiding behind a wall of knights throwing all but one of my spears, then trying to get a flank on enemies to take advantage of that oh-so-sweet backstab bonus. Just keep me out of the cluster and I’ll find something to do. We also make great runners to get behind an enemy team or to chase down archers. We hate javelin duels (at least I do), but we’ll suck it up and go if the need arises.

  • "We hate javelin duels "

    yes, they’re somewhat annoying and lame for some reason. i love Javelin vs Archer duels though, even if they have the advantage (well that depends).

    Weapons choice doesn’t matter here so Javelineer tasks are Archers tasks and Crossbowmen tasks are also Archer tasks.

    playing Javeliner like an Archer is inevitable failure. they just don’t have the range. Javeliner is actually most comparable to a Vanguard with a spear/fork/brandi, i find. don’t charge the center, but don’t stay behind. they’re rear-line melee infantry, supporting the frontline with powerful throwing weapons (and backstab bonus damage) in the place of versitile combo weapons, and of the speed and dodging of MaA; reach and power of Vanguard or massive health of Knight. pretty good flankers too: throwing unsuspecting enemies works very well, and backstab bonus with Javelin stabs is awesome. but they don’t have MaA twitchiness, so it’s dangerous as they can’t get out of a hot situation easily (it’s essentially a suicide run, but usually effective).

    they also have bucklers, of course, and with the regular Javelins, that makes them pretty good against Archers, even if it’s just by making them cautious or distracting their fire. they’re also good for “suppressive fire”, just having a Javeliner along with some melee makes enemies having to devide their attention, and keeps them strafing and raising their shields, even if you’re only readying your Jav without throwing.

    so no, for this purpose (or almost any other tbh), i don’t think you can lump them in with Archers.

  • Javs do a lot of damage and more often hit ther target than an arrow does. Simple holding your jav up will make your enemies try and defend themselves.

    Some think they are ninjas and try parrying your projectiles.

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